How To manage friends list on facebook.

Is your friends list on Facebook growing each day?
Are you networking on purpose to build relationships for your business?
Using your personal profile initially on Facebook can be a great way to connect with new people and create interesting value to your friends list.
It may seem great in the beginning to post your business opportunity and product to everyone on your friends list but the truth is not everyone on your friend list wants to see you post about your business!

How To Manage Your Friends List on Facebook

In this video I show you how to manage your friends list on Facebook so your posts can be seen by edited friends lists. You will learn how to customise your groups of family and friends easily with this step by step tool.
Now you can have one personal profile for both business and pleasure!

How To Manage Your Friends List on Facebook

In the video I showed you how to manage your friends list on Facebook using the super quick and easy tool. There is no need to create two personal profiles for your business just focus on providing your targeted audience with great content.
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