line-with-arrowUp Close and Personal With Ray Higdon in Manchester, UK

Ray Higdon in Manchester

When you joined your Network Marketing Opportunity did you admire the top leaders in
your company?
Were you totally excited at the future possibility of what this profession can truly allow you to do?

“If they can do it, I can do it”! 


In the Network Marketing Profession there are so many great leaders and many on the rise.
(Yep, me included just putting it out there!)
Spending time to study the success of other Top Income Earners has been something I have followed since I joined the online marketing space.  One of the top income earners and #1 income earner in his Network Marketing company Ray Higdon.
Here is my ‘Up Close & Personal Interview with Ray Higdon’.
Ray Higdon’s story is truly inspirational from being in Foreclosure and then becoming the number one income earner in his last company.
Over the past few months I have been totally engrossed in personal development and learning from the pros. Joining this community of great leaders that share their knowledge, tips and strategies has had me so excited. To be also sharing into the same group as Ray is a step in the right direction.
Back in September Ray Higdon was the guest speaker at The Millionaire Mentorship event. This was a generic event for Network Marketers from all different companies, everyone but everyone came to this event at The Bridgewater Hall in Manchester.
When I discovered Ray was coming to my hometown of Manchester I reached out to many of the other leaders in the community that both Ray and I are apart of and quickly began to rally us all together. I reached out to Ray and told him the rest of the leaders would be attending and to definitely get a photo opportunity.

“Invest- Learn- Teach”- ILT


Ray presented for nearly 4 hours with so much content from motivation, recruitment to social media strategies. The leaders and I felt such an honour to be apart of this amazing community and follow his strategies in our own businesses.
His motivation and presentation skills had the audience with smiles of laughter and curiosity.
He discussed mindset and to not let drama affect your progress,

“Drama kills Cheques”

You have to prepare for none of it to work in order to be successful. There was a time he had 20 no’s per day for a whole week and then one day he had 5 yes’s. You have to “believe in you!”
A major breakthrough always follows with a major breakdown so its important to reflect
  1. Why did you start?
  2. What is the alternative? 
Become a Leader in your niche
At the end of the amazing day I had the opportunity interview Ray Higdon, I had to wait awhile after the hundreds of entrepreneurs had there pictures taken with him.

“Fear kills more dreams than failure will ever” 



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